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Essays are the majority of assignments given to students at school. Essays are given at any level of study but mostly the kind of essay given will depend on the essay topics that suit that particular level of study. Sometimes assignments are open and students are expected to choose the essay topics on their own. Original essay topics are difficult to come by since many essay topics have already been written on.
Essays are generally given to students to boost their writing skills. In lower levels of study the skills acquired when writing essays are bound to help the students write good papers on the higher levels of study. Students can write as good essays when they are given as many essay topics to write on as possible. Choosing proper essay topics might sometimes be a daunting task, thus, students seek help on online academic solutions for help. The most scoring essays however are those on the most controversial and original essay topics. These essay topics as much as they score are the most difficult to write about.
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Essays address many issues in the society. By giving students assignments to write on the things that go on in the society or the events that happened in the past, they get to appreciate and recognize these events and the persons who participated. Other than that, crucial skills in communication both written and spoken can be achieved by the writing of essays. The milestones that essay writing has achieved in many academic lives have made writing services spring up at a high rate; hence students do not need to struggle with the intrigues that essay writing come with.

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