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by user on August 9th, 2013

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It is wise to say that the soul of wit is being brave. A student who has the wits will be brave enough to see past the superficial essay prompts and create a common application personal essay that will convey a positive message to the would be reader about the student. Brave students will use their wit when selecting the topics for the essays. They chose topics that are related to their experiences in order to describe such experience and bring the significance of the experience out to the reader. There are many topic options and the students needs time to have a careful topic selection. Taking time gives the student to pick a topic that will help him or her describe his or herself in desirable manner to the reader. Some of the colleges need students to make several essays and in such cases, the student must have distinct essay topics for every application essay. Having several essays to write is far much better than when the students have to write a single essay. This is because the several essays will give the student an additional platform to complete the whole picture of him or herself in writing.
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Being afraid to have creative thinking is the beginning of the student downfall because without creativity the essay will just be a boring essay. Students will have very many ideas but brave students will be brave enough to reject some of the ideas. The best way to reject ideas is having all written in point form and selecting the ideas that are poorly developed and those with irrelevant details concerning the application. Some students lack enough ideas and begin repeating themselves. The repetition will destruct the reader and will no longer have interest to read the essay anymore.

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